Unwind every evening. Corkscrew optional.

Home should be your refuge where you relax and recharge—like a glass of wine for the soul. LUX Development specializes in homes that please and soothe the senses. Let’s talk about yours.


Morning coffee smells even better

in a gorgeous kitchen.


Begin every day in your dream kitchen, bathed in sunlight.

Your appliances gleam, and the countertops beg for fresh sliced bread.

The spacious cabinets and drawers put all your favorite cooking tools in easy reach, and the colors bring a warm smile to your eyes.

Friends are stopping by. Break out the good stuff. 

Everyone lingers in your kitchen

—sipping, nibbling, chatting. 

How can so much space feel so cozy?

Let LUX create the perfect pulse for the heart of your home.


Smile every morning

when you turn on the shower.


It’s not just a bathroom—it’s your misty hideaway, your alcove of clean, the private spa where you wash away whatever the day may bring. Somehow, you always feel more beautiful when you emerge.


Enjoy perfect comfort

without touching the thermostat.

Your favorite rooms fit you like your favorite clothes. Your styles, your colors, the textures you love to feel. When you come home, you feel the comfort wash over you the moment you step inside.

LUX can make any room—even your whole house—your favorite room.

Put your feet up. Take a breath. You’re home.


LUX Development creates beauty and warmth in every home we touch.

With decades of experience building and renovating homes throughout Chicago and the North Shore, we can guarantee you’ll love your new space.

We believe that true comfort starts the day we begin transforming your home.

You’ll feel assured and “in-the-loop” through every step of the building process, with issues explained clearly to you, and your concerns addressed quickly. You’ll feel confident and satisfied with the project from beginning to end.

LUX promises the highest levels of professional building, with uncompromising attention to detail.


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